Lost in the meadow

Longwood Gardens - Kennett Square, PA

a collaboration with PearlDamour and People's Light and Theatre Co.

Lost in the Meadow follows an eclectic group of pilgrims as they make their way through the expanse of the Meadow Garden, each looking for a place where they belong.      Headphones allow the audience to hear the travelers’ conversations, even though they are hundreds of feet away.                                                                                                                     In another part of the Meadow Garden, workers are building something: a giant tower, crowned with a mysterious megaphone. What message will this tower broadcast?                          Can it help these pilgrims find their way?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Lost in the Meadow explores the quest of the tiny human being to understand the big picture.

Composer:  Brendan Connelly

Sound Design:  Nick Kourtides

Costumes: Jill Keys